Cliché Shisha Lounge

9 Madrid Rd, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7NU

Smoking might be a dying habit, but this Middle Eastern-flavoured joint on the university side of Guildford train station is offering social pariahs somewhere to party. Cliché has sprung up as a little oasis of action in an erstwhile desert of suburban mediocrity - where most of its neighbours probably wouldn't know a shisha den if blew scented smoke in their faces. A largely open-air affair, where conditions are kept comfortable with heaters and rows of cushions, Cliche's signature offering is big hookah-style water pipes, through which punters pull great clouds of flavoured tobacco smoke. The bar with no booze enthusiastically shows football matches and serves good coffee as well as its more ethereal offerings, and besides the baccy, you can also get a range of light food and tasty snacks here. 

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