Hogs Back Brewery


The craft beer revolution in the UK has reached such a point that many boutique brewers must feel like they're riding on the pig's back these days, but none so literally (in name at least) as these guys: Surrey's largest independent ale alchemists. From small beginnings in 1992, the brewery now produces around 57,600 pints a week, many of which are pulled in pubs around Surrey. Housed in a series of 18th century farm buildings on the Hogs Back (the colloquial name for this section of the North Downs) this small brewers offers 11 top-quality craft beers, including the perennially popular Hogs Back Tea, their signature tipple. There are ales for each season here, from light and citrusy summer concoctions for outdoor quaffing through to deep chestnutty bitters brewed with winter evenings in front of an open fire in mind. But don't take our word for it - go and sample some. The brewery offers tours and tasting sessions several times a week, during which liberal amounts of at least four different brews are brought out for you tasting pleasure. You also get a little tasting glass to keep, making this tour great value and a top way to spend an afternoon in the Surrey Hills, especially if you're not driving. The tours start and finish by the brewery shop (they're not stupid) where you can buy their beer to take-away pulled straight from the tap (in various size flagans and bottles) or chose from literally hundreds of bottles of beer from around the world.  

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